Hello, my name is Rick, and I live in a small city called Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. I have 5 children, 3 girls, and 2 boys, and 7 beautiful grand kids.

Long before I started to dabble into the Internet Marketing world, I drove transport all throughout Canada, and eventually I started driving States Side.

After doing that for nearly 30 years the novelty eventually wore off being away from home for long periods of time, and missing watching my kids grow up was my biggest regret.

So I got off the road, and I ended up getting a job at our local hospital, as a housekeeper for 14 years, and with too many politics involved and feeling like a robot doing
the same repetitive job day in, and day out, I decided it was time to retire in 2014 with the hopes of working online from home.

So I was looking for different ways of making money from home chasing every shiny object that promised me the world with big commissions, only to find out that I was being fooled
by these so called gurus.

I burned up a lot of my money, and my time with never anything worth while to show for it, but a smaller bank account. So I kept searching, and searching, because I knew there was
something out there for me, and then finally in 2019-2020 I found John Thornhill’s Coaching Program. So I did my research, and found that John was the real deal, and I new this was for me.

I always believed that if you want to become a leader then you must follow a leader, and if you want to become successful, then you have to follow someone who is successful, and finding
John’s Partnership To Success Program I found the perfect coach, and the perfect mentor to follow in his footsteps to learn how to become successful online.

I’m still to this day following his coaching, and the way he teaches you, and just how easy it is to follow along, it’s like painting a masterpiece by numbers. I have learned more about
Internet Marketing in the past couple of months then the previous 3-4 years wasting my time on things that never worked for me in the past.

So if your a struggling marketer, and if you would like to be coached by the best in the industry then John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success Program is all you need to become successful.

Knowing is not enough, We must APPLY. Willing is not enough, We must DO. – Bruce Lee